Mary J. Allen - Mediumship Services anywhere in the world

My paternal Grandfather was a very important person in my life and I had missed him since he died suddenly when I was 5. I had never been able to fully heal that pain,  because often when people die suddenly there is a lack of closure, which can lead to deep seated grief. He was a man of high moral character and because we were close, I wanted very badly to see him again in my lifetime and knew deep within myself this would happen but certainly didn’t see it coming. Some of the best parts of life happen when we least expect them and this was certainly true for me.

I came home from grocery shopping one day in 2012 and I saw my grandfather’s energy lying on my sofa.  I say energy because he wasn’t “solid” like we are in human form but I could very easily see it was him. I clearly heard him saying very specific statements to me so I had no doubt it was him and he explained that he was back to support me in my life once again, this time permanently.

I am a conduit between you and your deceased loved ones.

Although I have accessed my mediumship gifts, the truth is we all have them because we are currently and always will remain connected to our loved ones on the other side of the veil. Death certainly does not change this connection or the love each side feels, that love is eternal.

My grandfather came back to help me into my purpose work so that I can help you heal your grief and pain in the way that he has helped me.

I know so well the pain of intense grief, which is why I do this work and why I will give you very specific details and information directly from your loved one so that you feel certain you are connected to YOUR person. Once you feel that connection the healing can truly begin.  It’s true that most often healing is needed on both sides.