aboutleftHello, I’m Mary Jane and my journey into mediumship started as a young child when I began seeing spirits. Like many, I felt I needed to shut those abilities down to “fit in”. My mediumship came flooding back to me after I began working with a spiritual mentor in 2011 and became attuned to read the Akashic Records and I have had many experiences with Spirit Communicators since then.

When we train to develop our mediumship we learn that it’s primarly about proof of survival after the death of the physical body. It is the evidential information that comes through from the spirit communicator via the medium that is the proof of survival. It’s this information, the details that help people release and process grief and heal.

In my own life, my paternal Grandfather had been an important personĀ  in my life and although he died suddenly one night when I was 5, I had never been able to fully heal from his death. He was the person in my life who made me feel safe and being a very sensitive child I needed this sense of safety and security and grounding that he provided.

One day in 2011, after my Akashic Records attunement, I came home fromĀ  shopping and much to my surprise my I saw my grandfather lying on my sofa! I was so overjoyed and while I was screaming and crying while he was reminding me of a funny family story to calm me down and lighten the mood.

Part of his message that day was that he was back in my life and this time he was staying and he was here to support me in my purpose work as a kind of conduit to the other side.

It’s so true that we always remain connected to our loved ones on the other side of the veil. Death certainly does not change this connection or the love each side feels, as that love is eternal.

My grandfather came back to help me in my purpose work so that I can help you connect to your loved ones with very specific personal messages so you know you are indeed connected to those you love on the other side.

I know so well the pain of intense grief, which is why I do this work and why I will get specific details and information directly from your loved one so that you feel certain you are connected to your person. Once you feel that connection you are able to allow the healing you may be needing.

It’s true that most often healing is needed on both sides of veil because of words that were not exchanged before a loved one died. Sometimes this is as simple as an apology, an explanation or an “I love you” other times it’s more complex.

It is my pleasure to give you the connection you need to receive guidance about any area of your life and certainly to connect to your loved ones and ancestors to help you to release grief you may be carrying.

With love,