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About ME

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Mary Jane and I am a psychic medium.

For many years, this work and my connection to the other side was something I avoided. I came from a conservative family and mediumship and psychic/intuition would not have been a popular topic of conversation!

After I was attuned to read the Akashic Records about 12 years ago, my mediumship started to come back because I was ready to remember who I truly was and my purpose on the planet.

I do intuitive readings but my bigger focus is mediumship readings.

My guidance comes from the other side, from my guides and from my own deceased loved ones (spirit communicators) and those spirit communicators coming through for clients during readings.  As a medium, my work involves translating messages from your loved ones, spirit communicators to you. Ultimately it’s about the details that help you see that there is survival of the spirit after the physical death. I establish a connection to your loved one(s) and I relay the information they want to pass along to you. Once we establish the evidential connection, I will help you get the answers you are looking for from your loved one, to help you feel the peace and healing you need to move forward in your life. I will say, though, that the spirit communicator is in charge of the session, some more insistent than others. Spirit communicators have a message they want to convey to you and depending on their personality in life and your connection to them, they can be quite insistent, so I have learned to step back and let them lead your session. Sometimes there is a message of apology or remorse or regret coming from them and in these cases they are very insistent on how the message is relayed. Sometimes although we may want a specific detail immediately, they do have an agenda and that detail may not come until later. I am the conduit between your loved one and you.

If you are in grief after the loss of a loved one a reading can be very comforting to help you move forward in your healing.

If you need a reading for guidance,  mediumship readings can provide you with clarity with regards to questions related to your life currently or questions about your life path or purpose.  Your loved ones and ancestors have a much higher perspective and can bring you the awarenesses and clarity you need.

If you have any questions or want to book a reading, I’d love to hear from you. And if you’re feeling like you need a reading it can be because you loved one in spirit is prompting you from the other side to reach out. It’s true that they often come to us in dreams with messages of things they want us to do. So if you wake up with a feeling like you need a mediumship reading it may very well be because your loved one is encouraging you because they need to relay a message to you.


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I am a Psychic Medium and I help people heal the pain of grief and loss. In connection with the spirit communicator, (the person in spirit on the other side of the veil), I bring you the information that is coming through. Because it's their ...

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Intuitive Investigations

Intuitive Investigations

I use Forensic Intuitive techniques to help empower women going through separation and divorce. I am shown the truth behind all things. This can be important to women going through a separation or divorce and at many junctures in life. Separation and Divorce are two ...

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intuitive investigation

Intuitive Art

I love working with intuitive art as a medium because it's a way to help you connect with your high self for fast and accurate guidance, even if you feel blocked. If you feel your guidance is not spot on or not as "on demand" ...

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