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About ME

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Mary Jane Allen and I am a Women’s Empowerment Coach and Healer.

The tools I use are spiritual as well as very grounded physical tools including coaching, my intuitive gifts and abilities and a process I have developed to help identify the root cause of an issue and help integrate healing including changing negative or limiting thought processes.

I work to help clients get unstuck, helping them develop a viable, heart centered path that inspires them to look toward the future with confidence and clarity.

My skill set is unique and includes intuitively reading photos which comes in handy if there is someone in your life that you have questions about in terms of character or their intentions, or pretty much any aspect of them.  I can take a


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Why Choose ME

Having a connection with the spirit realm is a way to have one extra advantage to add to your arsenal.

  • Insight
  • Knowledge
  • Experience




I am an Intuitive Medium and I help people everyday heal the pain of grief and loss. I give you specific details that only you and your deceased loved one would know. Things such as names, locations, how they died, sometimes I will hear family ...

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Intuitive Investigations

Intuitive Investigations

I use Forensic Intuitive techniques to help empower women going through separation and divorce. I am shown the truth behind all things. This can be important to women going through a separation or divorce and at many junctures in life. Separation and Divorce are two ...

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intuitive investigation

Intuitive Art

I am an Intuitive Artist. This is a skill I find invaluable to help people to get very fast and accurate guidance from their High Self. Even if you feel blocked. If your guidance is spot on or not as "on demand" as you would ...

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