We Can All Connect To Our Loved Ones In Spirit

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I believe that we can all connect with our loved ones in spirit to some degree, and this is a principle that many mediumship development teachers talk about.

The first step to connecting to your loved one(s) in spirit is to quiet your mind. You can do this through meditation or through exercise or another activity that soothes you and allows you to focus on your breath or to be very present by focusing on something else in your surroundings.

I’ve studied the PQ or Positive Intelligence Quotient program and it’s various ways of quieting the mind. Literally if we focus on any one of our senses intently we can quiet our mind chatter significantly. Even focusing intently on the texture of the fabric of our clothing is a great way to quiet your mind in 5 minutes.

A quieter mind is the way to begin to connect with our loved ones in spirit because when our mind chatter is quieted we are more receptive, more open to connection.

Once we have quieted our minds, the second step is the intention, or invitation to our loved one to come closer, to come into our space.  This can be as simple as it sounds – just visualize your loved one and ask them to come close to you. Even if you don’t see them intuitively, you should feel their energy or sense a change in the energy around you or you may even intuitively hear their voice in your head. Our loved ones in spirit have many ways of communicating with us and if you want to connect to a loved one, try these steps and don’t force it. Just be at ease, quiet your mind and ask them to come closer and closer to you. Then pay attention for anything you experience. It could be that they use a butterfly to communicate with you at first or even cause your house lights to flicker. You may find as well that they use your sleep to communicate with you through beautiful dreams.

Your loved ones want to communicate with you as much as you do with them and they will find a way. Your job is to remain open, don’t try to force anything. Take some time when you can to quiet your mind and ask them to come closer, you will experience communication with them in some way and if the words are not getting through as you want you may feel guided to connect with a medium.  But, as always, be open to receiving messages, and enjoy the process.  The connection between us and our spirit communicators is a sacred one. They are still very much a part of our lives, they’ve just taken on a different form.

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