Do You Ever Use A TRUE/FALSE Statement for “Guidance on Demand” Based on How the Question Feels in Your Body?


If you’ve never done this – it’s super easy, takes very little practice and works like a charm!

If you have question you’re trying to get guidance around or figure out the best option for you, and you’re out in public and can’t meditate or use a pendulum and want the best answer for you, for the best outcome, go for this:

Practice a little bit and then you’re good to go!

Start with a simple statement of fact, such as “I live in ______ whatever the name of your town is.  Stop and feel how that feels in your body and where you are getting sensations in your body. 

For me a TRUE statement feels like a fluttering or expansiveness in my chest, my heart chakra. Others I know feel it in the stomach or sacral chakra area. You may need to make the statement a few times and really pay attention to what you are feeling and where in your body you are feeling the answer.

Now make a statement you know to be false. Such as I live in ______ the name of a town or city you don’t live in. Now FEEL how that feels and where you are experiencing sensations in your body. Do it again, to get familiar and that’s your “NO”.  I feel the “no” or false statement like a heaviness in my stomach.

It took me a little practice to get this but it’s great. It’s super empowering and you will quickly get to know which sensations are your “yes” and which sensations in your body are “no”.


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