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We Can All Connect To Our Loved Ones In Spirit

I believe that we can all connect with our loved ones in spirit to some degree, and this is a principle that many mediumship development teachers talk about. The first step to connecting to your loved one(s) in spirit is to quiet your mind. You ...

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Spiritual Awareness – Part 2

As my mediumship was opening up more and more I found myself guided to visit cemeteries. Very often it was the cemetery where my dad and grandfather are buried but it’s also been cemeteries in other places I’ve  traveled. I’ve always seen spirits there, and ...

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Spiritual Awareness – Part 1

  What I call “spiritual awareness” is the experiences of the many ways Spirit, or those on the other side of the veil have connected with me and helped me in so many ways in my life over the years. These are just a few ...

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Mediumship and Transformation via Clearing Deep-Seated Grief

It’s not uncommon for us to have deep grief that we are not even aware of. We all experience death and loss and sometimes we think we’ve healed our grief, but the truth is there can be deep aspects of the grief that are still ...

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Do You Ever Use A TRUE/FALSE Statement for “Guidance on Demand” Based on How the Question Feels in Your Body?

If you’ve never done this - it’s super easy, takes very little practice and works like a charm! If you have question you’re trying to get guidance around or figure out the best option for you, and you’re out in public and can’t meditate or ...

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Healing Grief through Mediumship

No matter who we are in life or what our experiences have been, when a loved dies it is shocking, devastating, make us angry, and many other emotions can surface based on the relationship we had to the deceased person and how they died. Many ...

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