Healing Grief through Mediumship

Grief - What is it? How does it affect us?

No matter who we are in life or what our experiences have been, when a loved dies it is shocking, devastating, make us angry, and many other emotions can surface based on the relationship we had to the deceased person and how they died.

Many of us are familiar with the 5 stages of grief and they can be valuable to acknowledge.

According to Elizabeth Kubler Ross, MD and David Kessler they are:


From my own experiences and those of some others I know, there can be also other emotions that are difficult to deal with such as fear, guilt, shame and so many other emotions all of which are compounded by the loss of our loved one.

In my experiences as an Intuitive Medium, I know that those beyond the veil want to connect with their loved ones who are still living to send comfort and relief from the pain of grief and to send messages to resolve what they may not have been able to complete before they died.

I love to teach others how to open their minds to seeing the signals and signs our loved ones are sending us. This can be very comforting.

I remember a day when a recently widowed woman visited my home. I knew that her husband had recently died and she had 3 small children to raise on her own. As we were chatting in my driveway, a very large and strikingly beautiful butterfly was circling around our heads and Sprit told me that this was her deceased husband. I knew that she was not ready to hear this, but I wanted so much to tell her, so I gently suggested that to just imagine if this butterfly is your husband, letting you know, he’s fine and he loves you and the children very much. She seemed pleased and I knew I had delivered a message I had
needed to.

It’s very common for our loved ones to leave coins, or things we loved like beautiful leaves or to see lights flashing on and off in our houses or see lights outside the house flashing to get our attention. These are all signs that spirit and our loved one are with us.

Nearly 10 years ago, I was awakened from sleep and there was such a force pulling me downstairs to the living room where I kept my art and writing supplies. I leapt out of bed and had a huge download of automatic writing about how my life was going to change and how I was meant to help others in various ways especially around helping people heal their grief with mediumship. I have never written so quickly and it was not me, it was my first automatic writing experience and my hand was the conduit for spirit doing the writing. The language was not my way of speaking.

Some months later I saw my grandfather lying on my sofa for the first time since he had died when I was a child. Huge validation that I was meant to heal grief in others, partly because of the profound
affect it has had in my life.

Literally, our deceased loved ones walk beside us every day.
If you feel compelled and ready to have an Intuitive Medium Reading, please get in touch.

Sending you so much love.
Mary Jane

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