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Mary Jane Allen is a highly intuitive and spiritually connected medium

Working with Mary Jane opened my eyes to how closely we are connected with spirit and our departed loved ones. Mary Jane is able to thoughtfully bridge the gap between the two worlds to provide answers to any outstanding questions we may have for our loved ones and establish soul healing on the deepest level. She is so accommodating and speaking with her is like connecting with a very old friend. Her insight is invaluable, and she goes above and beyond to ensure that you receive all of the help and answers you need, checking in with you after the appointment to ensure you are healing and moving forward in a positive way. One session with Mary Jane changed my life forever and I am certain it will do so for you too, highly recommend!

Sydney Sheppard
Ontario, Canada
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“Can I just say Mary Allen is an amazing Medium!”

Had the most healing and insightful reading, she connected so strongly with my twin brother, I could not strop crying for the whole session. Meant the world, was so spot on and very healing and clearing for me. You are an absolute gem, Mary! Highly, highly recommend to anyone that wish to connect with the Spirit world, get insights, messages, answers and healing. Truly grateful 🙏💜

Jadranka Rodic
London, England
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“She has helped me heal and have a happier home.”

Mary Jane helped me unpack my challenges around codependency and take the first big steps to empowerment. She was available for me whenever I needed her and with her help I took full ownership of my healing. She helped me uncover deeper PTSD that I was suffering from and helped me find a therapist who specializes in PTSD. She has helped me heal and have a happier home. Thank you Mary Jane!

San Francisco, Ca.
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“So Grateful for You”

Thank you, so much, Mary-Jane, for the wonderful and enlightening Akashic Record reading that you did for me recently! You truly are divinely connected and a treasure to those seeking reinforcement in their life's path or to help them open a new door! So grateful for you!

C. Rector
Halifax, NS
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“Uplifting and Enlightening Experience”

Mary Jane is a very wise old Soul! Well worth the money and uplifting and enlightening experience she provides!

Naomi Horseman,
Yellowknife, NWT
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“Her work is life changing”

If you are thinking about working with Mary Jane! Just do it! This is a total no brainer!! Mary-Jane is the most authentic real and talented person in this field. Her work is life changing. If you are contemplating this I urge you to go for it - you certainly won't regret it  🙂

Angela Caine
Transformational Coach and Mentor / UK
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There is nothing better than making someone feel better and helping them to change their physical reality.

"Working with Mary Jane has been so empowering! She has helped me shift stagnant energy and release so many things that were not for me. I’m feeling very clear, stabilized and whole. I didn’t realize how down I was until I woke up feeling happy for the first time in a very long time. Mary Jane has cleared past timelines, implants, addictions and attachments for me. She is very intuitive, powerful and skilled. I absolutely love working with her — she goes above and beyond and cares very deeply.”

M. K.
Chicago, IL.
Sallie Keys

“Thank You Mary Jane for all that You Do!”

Mary Jane’s intuitive and mediumship abilities are extremely on target when it comes to the guidance she receives. Her accuracy is near perfect from my personal experience and she’s extremely skilled when it comes to channeling guidance in the areas of relationships, as well as communicating with loved ones who have crossed over. I can’t begin to explain the new levels of awareness I have achieved simply by connecting with her and her ability to connect with the other side. She has always put a huge effort into targeting her guidance with physical validation, and I know she always works to improve her skills, which is so important and needed in this line of work! Working with her has been an extremely profound experience. Thank you Mary Jane for all you do!

Sallie M. Keys
Sallie Keys Intuitive Consulting / Sallie Keys Marketing and Design