Intuitive Art

I love working with intuitive art as a medium because it’s a way to help you connect with your high self for fast and accurate guidance, even if you feel blocked.

If you feel your guidance is not spot on or not as “on demand” as you would like, this is a wonderful tool and it’s fun and anyone can do it.

Get in touch to schedule a private session for yourself or a group session with your friends. You’re guaranteed to have fun and you can get accurate answer to any question from your High Self!

The class includes a color meditation for you to see what each color means to you and your high self as well we will decode all your drawings so you are super clear on your messages.

These sessions are done by Zoom. Simply bring a piece of paper, and some crayons or colored pencils to start, then you can progress to paints.

I’ve loved vibrant colors for as long as I can remember and Intuitive Art is the perfect combination of working with beautiful colors and having a reliable and quick accurate connection to your high self to answer all of your life questions.