I am a Psychic Medium and I help people heal the pain of grief and loss.

In connection with the spirit communicator, (the person in spirit on the other side of the veil), I bring you the information that is coming through. Because it’s their time to “talk” to you, I am like the telephone between you and your loved one.  I often discern personality traits, appearance, often how they died, sometimes I will hear family jokes and stories that they pass through me to tell you. I’ve even had a spirit communicator give me the words he had in his tattoos. Ultimately, it’s about what the spirit communicator wants to convey because they they have something to say to you, a message they want you to have. Often the message is designed to help you heal your grief.

This connection is designed to heal the pain you have carried and help with things that may have gone unsaid before someone died.

Readings are all about giving you the information that you and your loved one would know so that you can get the healing your heart needs to allow you to move forward in your life, knowing with confidence your loved one is walking right beside you, supporting and guiding you every day.

Types of Readings

Mediumship Readings

Intuitive Readings

Relationship Readings

Past Life Readings