Intuitive Readings
readings of intuition

These are readings about any subjects that you need clarity around including repeating patterns in your life that you can’t seem to stop, including repeating patterns in relationships, work, money, and  addictions of any kind, and concerns or questions you have in any area of life.

I will also do energy clearing if i see something is needed to help move forward to achieve your goal(s). These readings can be helpful particularly if you feel you don’t feel you have all the facts in a situation or are having trouble making a decision in any area of your life. Sometimes people use these readings if they feel someone in their life is hiding something or engaging in behaviours that can cause challenges. Because I am a Forensic Intuitive, I can help you see behind the issues where you have questions or uncertainty in your life.

My intuitive sessions are also helpful to get you more aligned/give you more information about your life’s purpose, your career, to get clarity about a decision you have coming up, anything really.  These sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes in length because there can be a lot of energy healing/clearing done and the length of the session also depends on your questions. They are recorded because you will receive a lot of information and may want to watch again for reference. 

I’m here for you, to give you the clear guidance you need and to ask for the energy healing you may require to move forward more quickly and efficiently toward your goals. I will give you  homework to do (physical action steps) to further move yourself forward as the homework will help you bring your desires from the spiritual plane to your physical reality.