Spiritual Awareness – Part 1


Light, Peace, Hope, Pentecost, Sunbeams

What I call “spiritual awareness” is the experiences of the many ways Spirit, or those on the other side of the veil have connected with me and helped me in so many ways in my life over the years. These are just a few of my experiences and I’m sharing them with you in the hope that if you want to be more open to receiving messages from your loved ones in spirit, my experiences may help you recognize or remember more of your own experiences with spirit or help you to become more open to receiving signs and messages.

My paternal grandfather was a special person in my life although he died suddenly when I was 5. I was a highly sensitive child and I soon realized that his presence for me felt like safety and I could be myself without fear.

I had trouble accepting and healing from his death and it was really only with my father’s death years later that I was able to truly grieve for him while I also was grieving for my father. I processed a lot of grief and pain in a couple of years and during that time my mediumship opened up considerably.

I had first seen my grandfather in spirit at his funeral reception but I blocked out the experience partly because I couldn’t understand it as a 5 year old but also because my upbringing was traditional and I knew that “spiritual awareness” was not encouraged as I was growing up. I went through a long period of time of trying to blend in, stay safe and get by. During those years I lost a big part of myself including the awareness that I had been able to connect to the other side.

I began to really question my path in life about 20 years ago and eventually took at Akashic Records attunement and it was after my attunement that I saw my grandfather again for the first time in many years.

I came home from shopping one day and he was lying on my sofa. As I dropped the groceries and cried he reminded me of a funny family story I had heard years before.  It was a shock but yet I had been asking spirit to see him again for many years and I knew deep within myself that I would see him many years before I left this life.

Later that year I was visiting the grave sites of my father and grandfather and as I was sitting at my grandfather’s grave trying to talk to him, I heard him say “I’m not there, Mary Jane”. I then realized and saw that he was sitting in the passenger seat of my car which I had parked a hundred or so yards away on a side lane in the cemetery. He was sitting in the car waiting for me and was going home with me. It was his way of saying “I’m always with you, I’ll never leave you”. And it was true. Whenever I felt fearful or alone I would connect to him and he would immediately be sitting beside me or walking into the room I was in to sit down and just be there for me. Realizing that my favourite person was back in my life and never leaving was an enormous comfort to say the least. He always had some words of wisdom for me and knew just what I needed to hear.

I began seeing my father very soon after he died. He came in very often with my grandfather to comfort me and help me find my way through the grief. He apologized to me for various things that went unsaid in his life, helping me process and heal the grief of his death.  So often, when someone dies there is healing needed on both sides of the veil and it’s usually around anything that was left unsaid before someone died.

My dad and my grandfather, and several other family members are regular visitors at my home, in my car, and they come in at any time, now more often to relay a message about something happening in my life, to give me a “heads up” or guidance about a person or situation before it occurs. They are my family, just in another form and I am beyond grateful for them and their love and guidance. Sometimes I laugh to myself as to most people it would appear I’m driving alone in the car when in fact my car is  packed with my family members in spirit.

It is my belief that we all have the ability to connect with our loved ones in spirit to some degree. Often it’s about quieting the mind and simply allowing spirit to come in with no expectations and often times these connections can happen when you are open to them and least expecting them.

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